Parallax Equestrian: A Trailblazer in Equine Nutrition

This UK-born brand, founded by the spirited horse-enthusiast Anna Gardner, who has worked hard to built her way to the forefront of the industry, revolutionising how we cater to our equine companions' dietary needs.

Parallax Plastics are UK manufacturers of The Hay Play, Hay - Saver, All in one feeder, and the Slow feeder kit, each individually designed by Parallax Plastics LTD. Parallax are delighted to export their hay feeders all over the world with the help and encouragement of BETA & UKTI.

While the Equestrian side of Parallax Plastics is ran and developed by Anna Gardner. Anna has a lifelong love of horses, and also owns a polo stud farm (High Point Polo.)

​"From owning my own horses and having a busy work life I am able to help design products that are suitable for every dedicated horse owner, enabling them to spend more time with their horse rather than cleaning up after them!"

Parallax Equestrian's products are vibrant yet durable slow feeding alternatives. The Parallax range has transformed the mundane task of feeding into an engaging, enriching experience for horses. It's like turning mealtime into playtime!

The star of the show is undoubtedly their innovative Hay Play Balls. Having found homes in over 35,000 stables across the USA and UK, these balls are not just feeding tools, they're a testament to the power of slow feeding. Or as we like to say, they're the tortoise in the age-old tale, proving that slow and steady does indeed win the race!

Horses prefer to graze leisurely throughout the day. Slow feeding mirrors this natural rhythm, promoting healthier digestion and warding off health issues like gastric ulcers and colic..

Slow feeding keeps them mentally stimulated and preventing the onset of boredom-induced mischief.

Anna Gardner, the visionary behind Parallax Equestrian, once said, "Our aim is not just to feed horses but to engage their minds and spirits. Our products are designed to turn mealtime into a fun, enriching experience that horses look forward to."

Beyond the Hay Play Balls, Parallax's slow feeding range includes the Snack & Play Treat Ball, Grad-Dual Feeder, Shark SKUP Feed Scoop, and the Hay-Saver. Each product is created with precision and skill, ensuring safety, durability, and maximum fun for our equine friends.

At Aussie Grazers, we're as proud to stock Parallax Horse Slow Feeding products. We echo Anna's commitment to enhancing equine lives through innovative feeding solutions and are thrilled to bring these products to our fellow horse-lovers in Australia.

So, whether you're a horse owner, a trainer, we invite you to explore the Parallax Equestrian Slow Feeding Range on our website.