Slow Feed Horse Hay Nets

Aussie Grazers stock a large range of Slow Feed Horse Hay Nets. Our Hay Net Bags are ideal for use in the stable, the paddock and for travelling. They are designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • Minimise hay wastage by up to 50%
  • Reduce boredom by providing enrichment and stimulation for your horses
  • Provide many health benefits for conditions such as Colic, choke and stable vices
  • Ideal for Weight management and great for Laminitic horses

Our Hay Nets are generous in size, are easy to fill and come in two varieties:

  • Deluxe Knotless (Our premium 5mm diameter soft netting)
  • Original Knotted (Our original 60ply netting that has been used by 1000’s of owners over many years).
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