Knotless 8x3x3 / 8x3x4 Giant Square Bale Horse Slow Feeding Hay Net

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Knotless 8x3x3 / 8x3x4 Giant Square Bale Horse Slow Feeding Hay Net

Suitable for Giant Export Bales 8 x 3 x 3 and 8 x 3 x 4

Colour: 4cm, 6cm and 3cm in Black

Large Square Bales - one hay net fits both sizes: 

  • Hay Bale Dimensions: 
    • 8x3x3 (2.4m x 0.9m x 0.9m)
    • 8x4x3 (2.4m x 0.9m x 1.2m)
  • Net Hole size:
    • 8x3x3 - 3cm, 4cm and 6cm 
    • 8x4x3 - 3cm, 4cm and 6cm 

Our nets come in 3 sizes 3cm / 4cm / 6cm square holes made out of tough uv treated polyethylene netting.

This new super soft netting is made from 5mm thick and high strength PP (polypropylene) and comes in a strong 240ply!

Our nets are fantastic for slowing down the consumption rate of your horse or pony, thereby assisting with medical problems such as choke, stomach ulcers, laminitis, and stable vices. They are tough, durable and very easy to use.

  • The 3cm is perfect for the ponies and experienced animals who have previously used slow feeding nets as the smaller holes may cause frustration. 
  • The 4cm is our original size that is perfect for all horses and saving hay. 
  • The 6cm is great for holding your round bales together, especially in windy conditions or just to stop your horse spreading their hay! - Perfect for the oldies as the holes are larger. 

We recommend all our nets are kept out of reach from shod feet. A metal feeder can be used over the top of our net.