We advise you that if your horse is shod or has splits or chips in its hooves that you must either tie they hay net up out of reach of hooves, or use a hay feeder, box or some sort of physical barrier between your horses' hooves and the hay nets. It is your responsibility to regularly check your horse, pony or livestock with their Aussie Grazer Hay Net to ensure that their hooves are kept away from the netting.

Aussie Grazer Hay Nets are for use with all livestock such as cattle, sheep, donkeys, goats and alpaca's, however we DO NOT advise you to use them if your livestock have horns.

We also advise against leaving your horse or livestock with headstalls on or any other equipment that could enable them to get tangled in the net.

Aussie Grazer Hay Nets will not accept any responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur from the use of our products. Due to the unpredictability of horses and livestock, how each individual owner uses the products, their own obstacles and many other unknown factors, all responsibility falls onto the owner, carer, manager, leasee, or anyone else responsible for the horse and livestock's individual care”.

A full copy of our Trading Terms and Conditions in PDF format can be found HERE.