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High quality net!

Really impressed with this net!! It exceeded my expectations. Well worth the purchase price.

Small slow feed hay net

Excellent service and great product.

Very useful in the feedshed!

I bought one of these to weigh my slow feeder hay nets to keep track of the dietary inputs for my ponies. Easy to use and a fantastic tool! Definitely recommend!

Hay hay nets, the quality and strength. Will buy again. Highly recommended. Thanks Deb

Awesome product very impressed with the hay nets, the quality and strength. Will buy again. Highly recommended. Thanks Deb

Hay Nets

Awesome product very impressed with the hay nets, the quality and strength. Will buy again. Highly recommended. Thanks Deb

Good service and good product

Very happy with the service, the delivery and the product. Would certainly recommend them.

Brilliant hay net . Very strong . Delivery great and fast . Thank you

Horse slow feeder

Very disappointing, didn't really slow down my mare, and see has managed to bite through the plastic between each pocket. I think the plastic could be thicker in that area. It's past the 45 day return period so expensive $180 unless feeder.

Quality product

I've been using hay nets for quite a few years now for cattle and horses. They are absolutely fantastic for reducing wastage (my horses like to sleep in their food) and the quality of the nets has really improved, although I am still using ones I bought 5 or 6 years ago. I buy the 5x4 nets for 4x4 bales because they're easier to put on.

Perfect slow feeders

Picture tells the story of happy horses

Perfect slow feeders

Slow feeder hay nets are definately the answer to saving hay and money not to mention that I know my horses are happy and not always waiting on me to feed them, love this product!!

Original Knotted Medium Horse Slow Feed Hay Net

These hay nets are fantastic. Easy to load as the opening is quite wide. Helps really well to slow my hoovers down. Great product, very happy with them 😊

Great net. Donkeys love it

Has taken a little while but the have worked it out and it sure has slowed them down from woofing down the hay like they used to. Sturdy net and great strong clip too.

Love them

Perfect. Good material, openings in good place and contrasting colour tie up makes it easy to secure.

Slow Down the eating

Very impressed how the net works.


Thankyou Aussie Grazers, I am very pleased with the knotless haynets I purchased, they are much better on my hands to use and fill and tie, the horses are loving them too!

I am soaking hay and they are proving a great success, I will defiantely be purchasing them again.

Thankyou from my herd!

Great so far!

I have 2 ponies and 2 pony impersonating monsters! So far these hay nets have been fantastic at pacing their feeding and keeping them entertained for longer. Now to see if they withstand the torment over time, fingers crossed and looking promising!

Happy Customer

Fantastic quality. Easy to fill and use. Just wish had the option to select smaller cord size in checkout.

Best haynets!

I have purchased about 20 haynets now… they’re the best there is - great for the horses, not sharp on their teeth and gums, easy to fill. Great product!

Life saver!

The knotless hay nets are an absolute life saver for me. I have a horse prone to choke and the slow feeding saves me a lot of worry, and bonus is I know exactly how much hay goes in each net

Great slow feeder

Fantastic product.

Great nets. Easy fill openings

Very good product. Soft but strong and wide opening for easy filling

4x4 knotted round bale

Thanks for net, easy for horses to access, keeps roll so tidy now and no waste!!


Great product! Super fast shipping, highly recommend!

Great Quality Hay Bags

These are great quality hay bags! Well-made, durable and easy to fill because they are a good size. Thank you! :)

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