Horse Hay Weigher - For Slow Feeding


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Fantastic tool in managing IR / Metabolic Syndrome / Laminitic / and Cushings Horses.

Great little device to allow you to actually weigh your hay net to make sure your horse is getting the right amount of hay/forage that it should be. Can be handheld or hung anywhere to allow ease weighing.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

As a feeding guide, a horse should receive approximately 1.5 – 2.5% of its body weight in forage. Therefore on average, a 500kg horse in maintenance up to moderate work should be getting 10 - 12.5kg or forage (hay and/or grass from grazing) per day. Again this is where a slow feed hay nets come in handy as they can be loaded up with the correct amount of hay by weight and you know that your horse or pony getting the amount of forage it requires. As an owner you can be satisfied that your horse is getting the correct amount of forage it should be getting to maintain it in a healthy state.

Weighs up to 30kg.

Please note that hay weigher may vary in appearance from photos shown.

Customer Reviews

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Julie Fletcher
Very useful in the feedshed!

I bought one of these to weigh my slow feeder hay nets to keep track of the dietary inputs for my ponies. Easy to use and a fantastic tool! Definitely recommend!

Katrina Rademaker
Hay weigher

Great product, easy to use

Francis McAlpine
4inch haynet

Keeps horse busy for hours but not too frustrated

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