Why Aussie Grazers?

Aussie Grazers is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. Based in Sydney, we supply Australia’s most popular horse slow feeding products including our range of Slow Feeding Hay Nets and Round Bale Nets. Aussie Grazers is also a proud importer and distributor of the UK Manufactured Parallax Plastic Feeders and Enrichment products. With fast shipping Australia wide, premium customer service and a big range of horse slow feeding options to choose from, Aussie Grazers is your one stop shop for all Horse Slow Feeding needs. We believe our horse slow feeding products will help you save hay and also improve your horse's health.

- Save on Hay Wastage: Minimise hay wastage by up to 50%
- Reduce boredom by providing enrichment and stimulation for your horses
- Provide many health benefits for conditions such as Colic, choke and stable vices
- Ideal for Weight management and great for Laminitic horses

Our slow feeder hay Nets and round bale nets are generous in size, are easy to fill and are available in Classic Knotted OR Deluxe Knotless varieties.

For more information on the benefits of slow feeding, and for help in choosing the right product for you, please see our support section found HERE.

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