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Grad-Dual Feeder

Anti tip - Anti choke floor feeder for concentrate feed. 

A non tip slow feeding trough for hard feed. PROVEN to slow down consumption by 50% or longer.

Avoids wasted supplements and medication

The slow feeding channels and basins slow down the consumption of hard feed.

  • 12 smooth feeding basin’s each 50mm deep
  • Allows a natural eating position and healthy eating patterns.
  • Prevents gulping and scoffing therefore avoiding CHOKE. (blocked oesophagus.)
  • Increased saliva production from chewing for longer helps with ulcer management.
  • Weighs 4Kg or up to 16 KG when ballasted with water or sand.
  • Non tip, avoids wastage of expensive supplements .
  • Made from tough, frost resistant, food grade plastic.
  • Suitable for wet or dry feed.
  • Measures 60cm x 50m x 17cm tall. 14L capacity.
  • Can be left outside year round.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Wills
Horse slow feeder

Very disappointing, didn't really slow down my mare, and see has managed to bite through the plastic between each pocket. I think the plastic could be thicker in that area. It's past the 45 day return period so expensive $180 unless feeder.

They are worth the price ..

After years of trying every feed bucket on the market and months of delays because paying $180 + pp for a feed bucket is painful, I’m here to say it’s worth it.
He would throw buckets, tip massive tyre feeders, get in the buckets/troughs, rip off hanging buckets tied/screwed to wall and throw feed everywhere - were on sand so increasingly worried about sand colic and choke.
He now eats slowly rather then open mouth jaws impression, there no waste and he can’t tip it.
I wish I bought it years ago.

Sandi Burke Burke
Good customer service

The x2 bungs in the base of the feeder keep falling out. First tried to fill with water after my horse tipped it over with his feed going into the dirt straight away. The bungs don't seal, so water came out. We then awkwardly filled with sand through the small holes, which fixed the tipping, but as my horse pushes the feeder around, the bungs fall out. I think they need to have a rubber seal, or be a screw in bung. The feeder has slowed my horse down with his hard feed though, which is what I wanted.

Kate Roach
Excellent Slow Feeder

Super impressed with the quality of the Slow Feeder. Dufus horse (who’s previously had a Choke issue) took a while to figure it out but happily eats from it now. Definitely recommend!!

Cheryl Burke
Excellent - significantly slowed down his eating

Really happy with it. It did take him a couple of days to get used to it - I wondered to start with if I'd done the right thing because he struggled to eat from it and got quite angry with it. He's now worked out the technique and it's made a huge difference - he no longer bolts his food and he's happy to eat from it.

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