Mesh Horse Rugs

The Mesh Horse Rugs collection is created to provide your horses with the optimal comfort and protection they need during the hot Australian summer months. Each rug in this collection is made from lightweight mesh material that not only ensures breathability but also effectively reflects the sun's rays, keeping your horse cool and comfortable.

Moreover, the light colours of these rugs further enhance their sun-reflecting properties. The lighter shades do a superior job of reflecting sunlight compared to darker ones, thereby reducing heat absorption and ensuring your horse stays cool.

Whether you're looking for an everyday rug or something specially designed for the hotter months, our Mesh Horse Rugs collection has got you covered. The superior quality of these rugs ensures they withstand regular use while providing your horse with the utmost comfort and protection. Find the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection for your horse in this collection.

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Go Horse Hybrid Mesh Polyester Combo

Hybrid Mesh Polyester Combo