Aussie Grazers Accessories 3cm / Knotless Net Repair Kits
Aussie Grazers Accessories 3cm / Knotted Net Repair Kits

Net Repair Kits


Mesh Size: 2cm


Style: Knotless


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Repair patches are available for both our Original Knotted AND Deluxe Knotless range of products in 3cm, 4cm and 6cm hole sizes.

Repair Kits include the following:

  • 1 Patches of Netting
  • 2m Repair Twine

It is recommended to repair your Net as soon as possible to ensure the longevity of your net.

Small breaks can be repaired with the twine provided.

Any larger breaks can be repaired with the patch provided, simply place over the hole and use the twine to secure the patch into place.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kerri-Ann Hudson
Great Product. Ive bought multiple hay nets

I love these nets. I do prefer the knotless though but I have some of the knotted as well and still great. Quick delivery every time.

Roxy Wils
Repair Kit.

these are great.
I had haynets tied at top & on ground so ponys can roll bags around to eat.
Because was placed at evening feed _ when ponys finished ---- Fox's STOLE my haynets, & chewed HOLEs in them.

Haynet Repair kits, made them New again. Put something In the haynet, plank wood maybe, and I cut the Patch to size & sewed up. had several Holes, & the patch covered them...
Haynets back on the job. :)

Shirley Smith
I like to be prepared

My laminitic pony LOVES the slowfeed Knotless hay net & so do I. It's soft & so much easier to pack with hay.
I always like things to last as long as possible so do my own repairs. When I saw the Hay Net Repair Kit I knew I had to have one on hand....AND a spare tie string.
They were so inexpensive, why wouldn't I?

Sarie Los
Generous size

These repair kits are a generous size and include plenty of string to weave them in. I haven't had a net get damaged yet (in fact all of mine still look like new) but I like to be prepared as my horse does enjoy trashing things.

Cheynee Morrison
1 biscuit of hay, slow feeder hay net.

I recently purchased more hay nets for my racehorses, we have less mess, less wastage and they give the horses something to do to break their boredom during the day/night.
I highly recommend them