Haverford Black / 40mm Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m
Haverford Black / 60mm Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m
Haverford Green / 100mm Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m
Haverford Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m
Haverford Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m
Haverford Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m

Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m


Colour: Black


Mesh Size: 60mm


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For instances where you have a unique situation (and our premade Hay nets or Round Bales won’t fit the task), we offer our Deluxe Knotless Netting in Bulk sheet form. This netting is not shaped in any way but is rather a large sheet of netting that you can craft to suit your requirements.

Our Deluxe Knotless Netting is made from a 5mm thick Braided Polypropylene material and is available in a variety of Mesh Sizes and colours.

No Drawstring is included.

Not shaped into a bag: A bulk sheet of netting material only.

Which hole size should I choose?

If saving on wastage is your primary concern, then 4cm or 6cm is ideal.
If you are wanting to regulate your animals consumption, reduce boredom and save on wastage then 4cm is the most popular and ideal option.
If you are specifically wanting to slow your animal down, reduce boredom and they have some experience with slow feeders, then the 3cm or 2cm would be your best option.

We have a huge range of Hole Sizes across our Hay Net and Round Bale range. We stock 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and 6cm netting. The following information should help you decide which is the best choice for you and your animals...

2cm (20mm) Holes:
Only available in selected sizes, our 2cm mesh is suited for experienced slow-feed horses that still manage to move quickly through our 3cm bags. We would only recommend looking at 2cm holes for advanced horses and ponies that have used the 3cm bags previously.

3cm (30mm) Holes:
The 3cm is perfect for ponies and experienced animals who have previously used slow feeding nets.  Without experience, the small 3cm holes may cause some frustration for your horses. We would recommend this size for horses who understand how to use a slow feed net but just require a slightly reduced consumption rate.

The 3cm size is also great for reducing boredom, as the reduced consumption rate will keep your horse stimulated for a longer period of time.

4cm (40mm) Holes:
Our 4cm nets are our most common (and popular) size and are accepted by 98% of horses. The 4cm is a great all-rounder that will slow the horses down whilst also saving on wastage. It is therefore the ideal hole size to choose if you are unsure OR just introducing Slow Feed Hay Nets to your horses for the first time. The 4cm hole will slow your horse down, but not so much as to cause frustration. You will reap the benefits of reduced wastage, whilst at the same time providing significant benefits to your horses health.

6cm (60mm) Holes:
Our 6cm nets are primarily designed as a Hay Saver as opposed to being a slow feeder product. It is a popular option for hay that is stalky or not very palatable. Our 6cm nets are great for broodmares, young stock & old horses that don't require slowing down. This size will slow the consumption rate marginally, however more-so it will keep your hay together and minimise wastage.


Other considerations to keep in mind when selecting a hay net size include:

The Weather: You may wish to alternate your mesh sizes throughout the year. You may opt to use a 6cm net (to save on wastage but not slow them down too much) in Winter, but in Springtime a more slow feeding option such as 4cm OR 3cm may be a more suitable option.

The Type of Hay: If your hay is stalky, it would be best to opt for a 4cm or 6cm net hole. On the other hand if your hay is very fine, a 3cm net may suit your horses best.

Weight and health of your Horse: This is a very important consideration as a slow feeder can assist with weight control as well as several other conditions.

Livestock and Other Animals: Our Hay Net range is commonly used by owners of animals “other than horses”. They are commonly used for:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Alpaca’s
  • Goats

Please be mindful of horns (entanglement) and ear tags that can be rubbed out.

The most common size for these animals is our 4cm net. This size provides some slow feeding whilst also minimising hay wastage. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve (just like with horses), both the 3cm and 6cm varieties have also succeeded in the past.

A 4cm sized net is always the best place to start. You can then go up or down a size if needed.

Product Caution:

If your horse is shod or not regularly trimmed, you must either tie your hay net high enough OR have a physical barrier between your horse's feet and the hay net. If your horse is shod then simply tie your net up a little higher. You can also put your net inside a box or other device that stops their feet from coming into contact with their hay net.

It is not recommended to leave buckled halters or other types of buckled headgear on your horse when using ANY type of hay net as your horse may get caught.

Similarly, do not let horned animals such as sheep, cattle or goats eat from the hay nets as they may tear the netting or become entangled if not constantly supervised.  Ear tags also need to be taken into consideration as they may get rubbed out and removed on the netting, particularly with cattle.